Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thinking about Deleting this blog

It seems that I spend more time on The Olde Hollow Crow. I usually end up talkin about the kids or family or whatever there and not posting it here. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am shutting this down. If you are linked to easy livin' please link to The Olde Hollow Crow.

Thank you all who follow, and post comments. Thank you all who have visited. I just cant keep up with all three blogs.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tasty Tuesday Diet Club

My blog friend Ann-Marie at This Simple Life is starting a Tasty Tuesday Diet Club. This is where you will post low fat, no fat recipes to help us all in our weight lose journey.

Before Wesley was born, I went on WW counting points and such. It really worked for me. I lost 30lbs and was lookin and feelin good. Then pregnancy, well it's been 4 years now and I have no more excuses to use. It's time to do something. So Im back on the points system.

I dont know aboutch'all, but Im a junk food junkie. I love anything sweet. So with that here is my recipe for today.

Pineapple Fluff

Sm. box jello instant (fat free) vanilla pudding
1 can crushed pineapple
sm. plain yogurt
sm. Fat Free cool whip

Mix jello and yogurt together
Add pineapples
Fold in cool whip

1/2 C. = 4pts.

I know it's alot of points for just a half cup, but I pack it in there as tight as I can get it. Giggle.

I so neglet this blog

I admit it, I neglect this blog.

It's Tuesday! Josh is back in school, not happy, but back in school. DH is back at work and the days are running a little smoother here. It's hard to keep a routine when you have other invading your

It's nasty & rainy here in NC today. Working on the laundry and doing a little blog reading and posting this morning. I hope that everyone has a wonderful day. I hope that you all enjoy the "love" music I have selected. I couldnt resist putting some songs about love on a playlist.

There is not much goin on around here to tell y'all about. Things are pretty quiet on the homefront. We have a few teacher workdays coming up this month and another day off for me. Which is good. Working with children I need all the breaks I can get.

I need to plan something special for the boys. I have been thinking about this for some time now. Just finding the right outing is hard to do with such an age difference. I have been thinking about taking Wesley to the circus. Then planning for Josh is hard, being that he is 14 and not really interested in sports. All he is or was interested in was hunting and hunting season has ended. He didnt get anything this year. Bless his heart.

He has stuck tight with my brother. DH dont hunt, so Josh relies on my brother and his friends for that. Which is good, he needs to spend time with his uncle, but his Dad also needs to get involved in things that Josh likes too. I mean I cant do everything. LOL! Josh will be driving soon, and that will be a heart breaker for me. He wont need his Mom much anymore. He will get that sense of independence. Im so not looking forward to that. But I still have my WessieBoo!! That's Wesley my 4 year old. Gosh and he will start school in two more years. I think Im gonna cry. Oh my gosh they dont stay babies long do they?

Well, that's about all I have for now. Sorry it was not more exciting. I live a very dull life..... Giggle. Not a whole lot to do here in Ruffin.

Hope everyone has a great day. Until next time.