Sunday, October 19, 2008

Annual Harvest Festival

We had our annual Harvest Festival this weekend at our church. It has been one busy weekend. Our church has done this festival for over 50 years now. My Daddy remembers helping out when he was a kid. So we have been doing this for some time now.

I can remember waiting to turn 10 years old so I could stay and help with the stirring and serving the sodas and taking food orders. Now they just let them all in the kitchen, which I dont like cause little kids could really get hurt back there. Lots of HOT food and liquids. But oh well no one got hurt so that's a plus.

The cookin started on Thursday, with the cookin of the B-B-Q. Let me tell ya, this is the best B-B-Q you will ever eat. Thursday evening was time to chop. I dont really like this job, but you can get alot of your frustrations out on that poor pig. LOL.

Friday night we had lots to do that night. Peelin potatoes, onions. Not fun jobs either, but we made it through. People just dont know the work that goes into these kind of events. We made 300 gallons of stew. And Im not sure how many pounds of potatoes and onions there are, I just know that there are too many. LOL

Here are some of the potato peelers.

Here is Karen and Peggy washing and eyeing the potatoes

I stayed until about midnight on Saturday morning then had to be back at the church by 9 am to get things going there. I am the french fryer. LOL. Handed down from my Nannie. She made french fries for years. So she finally passed it on to her daugther and myself. Saturday was just a day of good fellowship and eating. I didnt get any pics of Saturday, I was gettin' my deep oil treatment and suntan from the hot lamps that we keep the fries warm with. LOL. But here a few pics I snapped on Friday night.

Ronnie and myself were on this pot. I snapped a pic of him and the other guy there is Jackie.

Here is my son Josh. He's workin hard. Can you tell what he's workin hard at??? TALKIN' LOL

This is my Nannie, she is busy workin' on the craft table.

Here are the money takers. That's my aunt Kay and Mr. Powell and Jack

We had a pretty good day. Thank y'all for takin a peek.


Jacquelynne said...

That looks like a lot of fun- except for the potato peeling part! Glad you had a good time.

Tammy said...

Yeah I dont like peeling the potatoes. I always get stuck chopping the onions, but that job was already done when I got there this year. Thank goodness