Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Im just about all showered out!!

I decided I should make a post since it has been a few weeks since my last one. I have been runnin and runnin. Since the first shower for my future SIL, I have been to one more which was at my brother's house. This coming weekend I have a my craftshow, my cousins wedding, another shower for my future SIL, a baby shower on Sunday. Boy I tell ya, I will just be glad when it's all behind us. Not to mention all the other day to day tasks I have been trying to do along the way. AWANA has started back and that's an every Sunday meeting. Im pooped!!!! Just thinking about it.

I thought maybe y'all would like to see a pic of my baby brother and his future wife to be. I know I have posted some in the last post, but I wanted to post this pic. It is of the of them at their freinds wedding from last year. So here they are the future Mr.& Mrs. Timothy W. Strader

They just had their engagement pictures made. I need to see if Desiree will let me add on of those here. They were wonderful pictures. I have to say that just love Desiree. She's good for my brother. Desiree is a very soft spoken, sweet and caring young woman. I am happy she will become part of our family. Oh and my boys just love'er too. That means alot too.

Well, I hope everyone of you are having a great week so far. I hope to get back to posting after things settle down a bit here. So hope you all have a great day. Until next time. Tammy


Leslie said...

My, oh, my you have been busy! It always seems that there is either nothing to do or too much to do...why is that?

Congrats to your brother :) I'm glad that your future-SIL fits well into the family and it good with your kids :) That says a lot because so many families today aren't like that. My kids really don't have aunts and uncles that are in their lives....just adopted ones. Oh, well, there loss, right?

Have a great night!


Tammy said...

Thank you Leslie,
It does seem that sometimes everything happens all at one time dont it? Wears me out.LOL

Shay said...

WOW Girl!! You are a busy bee!! I agree with Leslie, it's like everything happens all at once and it wears ya out! Need those breaks, but oh yeah, Christmas is coming! WHEW! hehe! ;)
awww, sending you lots of hugs to get ya through all this!

Awww!! They are just such a cute couple! Wishing them all the happiness in the world! Thanks for sharing!
Big hugs!