Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Addition to the family.....

Meet our new puppy Dixie. She's our new black lab. Wesley has been wanting a puppy for some time now, and we have put it off. I mean we already have 2 and 1 one more only meant another mouth to feed. Giggle. Anyway, a friend of ours had them for sale and so....... we got'em one. I thought it would be kinda like an early birthday present. He just loves'er too. They have played all evening long. Wesley and Josh have something new to fight over. Oh brother!!!

So anyway, for a few months she will be an inside doggie. I know she will get to big to continue to stay inside. So now it's learning to potty train all over again. She is very smart. She had played fetch with Wesley and everytime she would take the ball back to'em. Wesley thought that was "Cool"! LOL. So just wanted to share with you our newest family member. Aint she a cutie?


Sandy said...

Labs...they are great dogs as a pet or good companion for the children. I always wanted one but my house is not big enough so we have a mini-poodle instead which we LOVE dearly.

The kids will have so much fun with her...many years of memories to come :)

Tammy said...

We have Bruno, he's pictured below with Wesley. He is a lab chow mix. More lab than chow though. Dh brought him home about 8 years ago. He has been the best dog. He is so loving. He is protective of grounds though. Daytime not so much but at night, you better watch out. There's no way anything or anyone will get in the yard.

I only hope Dixie will be the same way.

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Oh you will love your lab after he gets to be about 3. LOL. My lab chewed everything in sight. Even my couch!!! LOL. He is nine now so much calmer.


Tammy said...

Oh Mary, I am sooooo dreading this puppy stage. You are right they chew everything.

It's funny when Bruno was about 3 or 4, we went away for the weekend. At the time we had a little building behind the house. Well I guess he got mad because we went off and left'em beacuse when we got home he had gone into the building and pulled a bunch of stuff out into the yard. They are funny creatures.

Shari Kraft said...

Ohhhh....I WANT her! She's a doll. I want a lab so bad I cant' hardly stand it. We need to fence our yard first. My hubby wont's let me have a dog yet....the way I see it...the yard won't get fenced until we DO have a dog, right! LOL.

I also have a favor to ask:
We have a new drawing on the Prim Friends Network. Can you help me get the word out?

Tammy said...

Hey Shari. I know whatcha mean about wanting a dog. I dont know what possessed me to want to get another one. We have 2 already. But she is a sweetie and the potty training is goin better than I thought it would. She's so smart.

We have that underground fencing. I love it. Bruno is the only one that has the collar now, but as soon as Dixie gets big enough she will get. Oh and we get'er fixed. LOL. Dont want any puppies to have to give away.