Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Boy and His Dog

I just had to snap this picture this morning. Wesley spends alot of time out on the front porch. I tell him he can play where I can see him while Im on the computer. The computer is in the hallway just inside the front door. Anyway, he loves to go out there, and he would spend hours there if I would let'em.

We have a lab mix that Dh brought home about 8 years ago. He is just the best dog. His name is Bruno, and we just love'em to death. Wesley especially.

So this morning while Wesley was sitting out on the porch, I snapped this pic.It was taken through the screen so it's not a very good pic. Oh and by the way, in case you havent noticed, Wesley never wears clothes... LOL.


Gettysburg Homestead said...

LOL IT's kinda spooky with your dog's eyes glowing.

LOL... no clothes??? He's gonna get cold this winter. LOL.

I have to apologize for not adding you sooner, but I kept going to your other blog not this one.


Tammy said...

LOL, Mary. It is kinda spooky aint it?

Wesley hardly ever wears clothes. Only if we have to go somewhere really. Even in the winter time he will run around the house in his undies.

Hey, I know it's hard to read every blog there is out there. LOL, I am glad you stopped by though. Come on back when you can.