Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Guess what I am gonna be doing

For the REST of the night? I had Josh clean up his room this afternoon. I think these pics say it all. I dont see how the child had anything to wear to school. Are all 14 yr. old boys like this? He is gonna get himself down here and help me!!!!

Wish me luck, if you dont hear from me..... You might want to call in the search team. LOL

These are his shirts:

His socks and undergarments:

A HUGE pile of jeans: I have one load in the washer right now.


Leslie said...

Oh! I would be killing someone! LOL I'm a stickler with the laundry. I do 1-2 loads every day and it's always caught up. Everyone picks on me. I just don't have room to keep dirty laundry...might as well wash it!

Now, is everything really dirty or did he do what my friend's DD does....she tries things on and digs stuff out but doesn't wear it and then just tosses it in the dirty laundry. She also takes clean clothes to her room, puts it in a pile and then a few days later, throws it all in the hamper! I would be LIVID!

Good luck with your laundry!

Tammy said...

Oh girl, I was ticked. I know that not all of this was dirty. I mean there were some shirts in there that were still folded. But being that they had been in floor and piled in with the dirty, I had to wash it. Half the time he dont even know what's clean and what's dirty.

I go through this with him about once a month. He just wont bring the dirty downstairs to be washed.