Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Monday!!

I guess I could say Monday is just about over. I have the day off tomorrow, Thank goodness. I am sooo tired. We had a very busy weekend.

As most of you know my brother got married on Saturday. Oh it was a beautiful wedding. Desiree was soooo beautiful and my brother Timmy was very handsome. Wesley and Josh were in the wedding as well and they were lookin very sharp as well.

The ceremony was a candlelit ceremony. They did the joining of the two families with sand. This is something I have never seen before. First the parents of both the bride and groom put sand in as a symbol of the two families joining together. Then Timmy and Desiree added sand as a symbol of the two of them becoming one. It was very interesting to see this being done.

Everyone was just beautiful. From the Bride all the way down to the ring barer. Which by the way was Wesley. Desiree had told me the night of the rehearsal to just let him do what he felt he needed to do. That way she knew that I was NOT stressing about he was behaving. I have to say that he did really good. Well until like the last five minutes of the ceremony. That is when he announced to the whole church that he had to go to the bathroom. OOOh, I could have died. The congergation got a giggle out of it. After returning from the bathroom, he went right back up there just like nothing had even happened. I guess you cant get too much more natural than that right?

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Jacquelynne said...

Did you get Wesley's announcement on video? 'Cause that would be great to break out when he is a teenager...