Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break Baby!!!

Spring Break officially started for me on Friday. Whoohoo. Im off work until next Monday. I am so glad that it finally got here. Josh is out of school and I hope to spend my time off doin some much need cleaning. I sooo need the break though. Im tired and it's for me to have time away from the kids in the after school program. I tell ya that can drive ya Nuts sometimes.

Dont know what we will do. I thought about goin to visit with my cousin in Virginia. I havent made up my mind yet. I would love to have a visit with them, but I just dont know. They have alot going on and I just dont want to add to the burden. Im sure it would be good for them though. Maybe get their mind off things that are going on. But Im still not sure.

Anyway, just a little update on things around here. Hope all my blog friends are well. Happy Easter Everyone

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