Thursday, April 16, 2009

The boys and I took a little trip

I havent been much on blogging for the past few months. Things around here are crazy. Life just gets in the way sometimes. Josh and I were on Spring break last week. That was some much needed time off from work. This week has gone by so fast, and Josh will out of school before I know it. Not to many more days left now.

Anyway, last Friday I decided to head up to Virginia to visit with my family. It was nice to just away. I have always had thing about running North when things in my life got to complicated. Another story. So we there early Friday morning and we stayed and came home on Saturday. We had the best visit. I just wish they lived a little closer. It is a three hour drive and we made within about 5 miles before the boys started fighting. Boy was I glad about that.

My cousin has a little boy. His name is Chance. He is in the first grade. He and Wesley had the best time together. They went hunting for squirrel and bears and they also got to color eggs. Wesley didnt take to that too well. LOL. We laughed and talked and just had some much needed time together. Josh even had a good a time tiedying paper towels.

Wesley didnt want to come home. I remember when my brother and I would go up there I felt the same way. I never wanted to come home. I felt like I was home. I think that I will try to plan to visit more often. Wesley was ready to go back the next day. It's funny really. Wesley kept calling my cousin Nannie cause that's what Chance calls her and he called Chance's daddy-daddy. How funny is that? He asked me yesterday when were we going back to see the other Nannie. LOL Gotta LOVE kids.

Other than that things around here have been uneventful. Sad but true. Just wanted to share this with y'all. I hope everyone has a great day. Until next time.

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