Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nasty Weather...... Feelin Bad!!

I am gonna try to make a quick post. We are having some nasty weather come through. Wind is a howlin' out there. We just got our power back on after it being off for about an hour or so. Weather is calling for 100% chance of snow tonight and 30% tomorrow. Josh is soooo hoping there will be No School tomorrow. To tell the truth the way I feel I wouldnt mind it either.

I dont know what in the world I have taken. I ran a fever today of 101.2 finally it's down to 99 now. Fever chills and just achy. I do seem to be feeling some what better. I dont know if it was a stomach virus or the flu. Looks to me like if it were the flu, I would still feel pretty bad. Im not 100% but feelin some better. Still a little weak and not eating much. That might be a good thang.. LOL..

Hopefully the snow will come on in and we wont have all the ice. I dont like the ice. Whatever your plans are for the evening although it's almost gone, I hope you have a wonderful evening. Until next time

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Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

sorry that you are under the weather. Sounds like the rest of Rockingham County. My hubs took antibiotics twice to get rid of his.
Hope you feel better; you really didn't need it to get all wintery weather now did you??