Monday, December 29, 2008

Finally catching up

We had a wonderful Christmas. I hope all y'all did too. We have been going non stop since. Running here and there, spending a little Christmas money and just having a good ole time.

Christmas Eve was very nice. Around 5:30 or so we went to my Nannie's house for supper. Nannie is my Daddy's mama. We had a wonderful supper. The kids couldnt eat, because they knew that presents were waiting for them in the living room. After supper we opened gifts and chatted for a while. Then we headed home to get Wesley settled down. He was soooo excited.

We opened gifts here on Christmas Eve. I usually like to wait until Christmas morning, but the boys were just to excited. Wesley wasnt to excited about all the clothes he got, but I had to explain to him that Mama and Daddy dont do toys. The toys come in the morning.

I didnt take alot of pictures this year. I dont know what's wrong with me. But while we were waiting to open gifts here, Wesley got a BIG surprise. I suggested that he look out the window to see if maybe he could see Santa. Well what a shock he got when Santa was standing at the window watching him. That boy ran!!!! LOL, latched on to his daddy's leg and wouldnt let go.

Ever since Josh was about 6 years old, my brother has played Santa and sneaks around the house and peers into the windows. He has caught me off guard a few times, but I wont tell him that. Several times he has set out the toys and made sure Josh knew,,,, HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas!!!! Josh always said he never wanted to catch him beacuse he would leave'em coal. Giggle.

So here's a pic of Santa as he was running away from the house... Since Wesley was still up, he would have to come back...

Christmas Day was very busy. We ate breakfast at Nannie's and got Santa there. We came home and then at lunch we over to our church to have lunch with my mama's family. That was alot of fun. I havent seen some of my cousins in gosh,,, 5-6 years. We were all so close growing up, and now that we have our own families I guess we just dont make time.

Around 2 or so we went to Jay's mama and daddy's. We opened gifts there and nibbled on a few more things. Gosh the eating we did that day... Way to much. So around 5 or so we headed back to my mama and daddy's house to open gifts there. Wesley asked if we had to eat before we opened gifts. Did he catch on quick or what? Jay then took the boys down to my brothers house. He just lives behind us, not far at all. Of course none of us live that far apart. The boys got Santa down there and then well, I guess they were done for the night. Boy!!! Phew!!! All that running. I was ready for the bed and so were the kids.

So now that Christmas has come and gone, I guess it's time to start for next year. Im gonna try to do better about buying things. Only thing with that is, I'll probably forget what I did with them come Christmas time... giggle...

I hope everyone has a great evening... Hugs.

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