Friday, December 5, 2008

Still A Kid at Heart

As I scramble around this house doing this and that, I got to thinkin'! When I was younger it seemed that Christmas would never get here. Now the years just seem to fly by. I can remember the feelin of excitement knowing that Santa was on his way! Now it's just rush rush rush. I know how my parents must have felt.

The reason I am thinkin about all of this is because Josh and I were watching one of the many Christmas movies we have, and I asked him. "Josh in the back of your mind do you think that Maybe, just maybe there is a magical Santaland?" Being 14 his answer was NO, mama. That makes me sad. I know that he stopped believing a loooong time ago. I am still at kid at heart though. I think maybe, just maybe there is a magical place with little elves and a whole town of magical little folks that are happy and cheery all the time.

I am so lookin forward to Christmas. I still have Wesley who is 4 and there is still the magic of Christmas in his eyes. The waiting and waiting a whole year for Santa, thinking that it will never come. Then my mind will switch gears and think about all the cleaning and having the house look like a tornado hit. But that's what it's all about, Right?

It's funny how so much changes though. The Christmas plays at school and church. My kids just dont want to be part of those things. When I was growing up, that was all the excitement too. I guess little boys are different?

It is amazing how much things change. I can remember writing letters to Santa and waiting for him to send a letter back. I use to do that with Josh and still with Wesley. I will continue until he gets to the point that he dont believe.

We still have the rush rush at Christmas. Rushing from this house to that house. You know it kinda takes the fun out of Christmas, but the kids dont seem to mind. Why do the holidays have to be so rushed... All the hustle and bustle?

Whatever your plans are for this Chirstmas season, I wish you all safe travels. I hope that your Christmas is filled with all the magic of the holidays.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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