Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Movie Addict.....

Yes I admit it. My name is Tammy and I am a Holiday Movie addict. Giggle.

I just wanted to share some clips from a few of my favorite movies.

This one has a couple of words that some may not want to hear.

I know that most people cant stand A Christmas Story, but it is my all time favorite. Why I dont know! Giggle. Christmas Vacation coming in second. I love them all though. From Clark W. Griswold and his holiday lights right down to Zu Zu pedals. I cant help it.

So what are some of your favorite Holiday movies?


Jenn said...

I love Christmas movies too. I think Elf is my fav:) Have you seen Fred Klaus yet? It is SO cute!

Tammy said...

Hey Jenn,
Yep, I just saw that on Sunday. I ordered it on PPV and Josh and I watched it. I just love Vince Vaughn.

Gettysburg Homestead said...

LOL I LOVE all of those especially Peanuts.

But I like how the grinch stole Christmas too.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chick-A~~~

I love the Griswold's too!! And the people version of the Grinch, is one of mine too! Home Alone and let's see.....Santa Clause's is another one to that I just love! But, some oldies but goodies....Holiday Inn, White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life!! And 34th street is awesome too!! My list is long!! Tee-Hee!! and Shop Around the Corner the black and white one! So, even though my list is long it SHOULD be!! I just love this time of the YEAR!!! Let's make a snow angel!! Can we!!!! Love to jog in the snow too soooo calming to me!! The snow and the smells of winter!! And to know that the bugs are gone for a few months too is good!! LOL!!!

Enough of me who is next???? Come on lets keep this one going!!

Good Job Tammy!!! Love your creativity!!!


PS....Like your music too!! LOL!!