Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is It a Sign of Snow?????

Growing up I have always been told that when the birds gather like this, that means it's gonna snow. Well, I dont know about it snowin' but I do know it's supposed to rain. We are having some crazy weather. On Monday it was soooo coooold, I was all bundled up with my scarf and gloves. Today is different all together, we are at 66 degrees now. Gosh, might have to pull out the shorts... Just kiddin'!!

I know also when I was little my Papa use to say that it was gonna snow when he could here the train comin' through loud and clear.. Now we are at least a good 10 miles from the nearest train track. I heard it yesterday morning, soundin' like it was comin' through the house. Well, I dont know about that either. I guess we will have to wait and see. But I fear it's only gonna be rain.

What are some things y'all look for as a sign of snow?? I would like to know what others look for. I think this could be fun. Oh, and I forgot to mention the thunderstorms. They say if it we have thunderstorms during the winter months 10 days later it will snow.


Jenn said...


I had birds ALL over my front and backyard yesterday morning. It rained all of yesterday of course but today its been snowing like crazy....sooooooooo whoever told you that must be right! I dont really have any signs for snow besides the wind! Does that count? Ha!! We live about 5 miles from Lake Ontario and it is ALWAYS windy up here (I cant decorate outdoors because of it) BUT just before we get snow we get a hard, nasty wind.

Pam at Antique or Not said...

It's really warm here in the Charlotte area too; I think it was about 65 this morning when I came in to work. Yuck...I hate this unseasonable weather!

Tammy said...

It's gonna have to turn off cold if we get any, huh?

Pam I didnt know you are in Charlotte, NC. How cool is that? Im about 2 hours from there.

angie said...

seriously is this a tease or what~lol! i am so tired of hearing the weatherman say something about a flurry~i want some SNOW!!!