Tuesday, August 26, 2008

*~A Great First Day Back~*

Well, first day of school seemed to go really well for Josh. He said that he loves it. I think thats good for the first day and all. We'll see how he is in about a month or so. I remember loving high school too. I loved the social part of it, not the classes. LOL.

It's tough though. He was telling me about a guy that goes to our church. They have been knowing each other forever. Anyway, he came home tellin me how guys who are juniors will talk to'em and this one guy wont even acknowlede him. How do you deal with that. It's sad though. I guess that's just how kids are. I told'em not to worry about it, it will all work out.

He talked about how nasty the bathrooms are. LOL, I told him he should expect that. They were not in good condition when I was there either. Ewww, sorry...LOL.

Lunch time he said he didnt have to eat by himself. I think he was nervous about that. I use to hate lunch time too. Finding people to sit with and whatever. One of the guys he hangs out with down the road from us let'em sit with him.

Gosh why does it have to be so hard on'em? Funny how they have their own little clicks. Much harder than middle school. I try to tell'em all the time to make the best of his last four years. When he gets my age he will wish he could go back.

So, how did it go for your children? I hope they have all had a great first day and week for some.

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