Sunday, August 3, 2008

School Shopping

Oh my word. I took Josh school shopping today. School starts in 3 weeks. That is sooo hard to believe. He will be a freshman this year. Gosh I remember when he started Kindergarden. Just like yesterday. Man where does the time go?

My Mama took him this afternoon and got'em a few things, however the jeans he got didnt fit, so I took him back. And I bought him a few more things. Clothes are sooo expensive. The mall wasnt too crowded, which was a good thing. And it was tax free weekend for us. I appreciate that our state and neighboring states do that. Saves some money anyway.

I still have all his supplies to get and I will be done. He did say that he wants to get some Carhart and Dixie Outfitters. So look out paycheck!!!

So how about y'all when does school start for your kids?


Britny said...

Tax free weekend is the perfect time for save money on school supplies shopping.

Tammy said...

Oh tax free weekend is the best.