Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happenings This Week

Well, it's been a busy week around here for us. Spring is in the air and we had some decent weather for being outside. Kinda chilly morning for the weekend but it did warm up nicely.

Josh is doing good in school this half of the year. It's so hard to believe that school will be ending in just about 3 months. Gosh time sure does fly by. He got his report card and I am happy to say he's passing. He was 3 points away from making the AB Honor Roll. Math seems to be better this time around. He's actually making a B in this class. He failed math last semester, but Im sooo happy he's doing much better this time around. I think the teacher has a lot to do with it.

Wesley is so happy to finally be able to play outside some. He loves to be out there. I mean what kid dont right? He is growing like a weed and well, he wont go to school until he's 6 due where his birthday falls. I get to hold onto him for one more year. Gosh seems just like yesterday we were bringing him home.

We are all still fighting what the Dr's say is allergies. Gosh we cough so much. Wesley and I both do. Stuffy noses and everything. Wish they would give him something for the cough. Besides the "allergies" I had to have tooth pulled this week so I have been babying my mouth. I tell ya that's no fun AT all.

Other than that nothing else going on around here.

I do have one request for all my blogland friends. It's a prayer request. I know that we all pray everyday for the safety of our troops. I recently had a friend go over to Iraq. It does hit home when someone you know goes over there. Please pray for my friend, and continue to pray and support our brave troops. Thank you all in advance for your prayers.

Until next time y'all......

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Pam at Antique or Not said...

Hope you feel better soon, Tammy.

And you could always come visit me...LOL