Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bible School Program

Well we had a great time at Bible School this week. Our theme this year was God's Big Backyard. We had visitors all week. They were Nick and Cooper. Nick is the squirrel and Cooper is the dog. The children enjoyed the puppet show the best. My Mama and Daddy helped with the puppet show. If they knew I posted this, the would have a fit. They did a great job too.. Way to Go Mama and Daddy.. Good Job. Wesley learned a little song. It is called The Butterfly Song. They were all soooo cute. I think Wesley had stage fright, cause he would not sing or do any of the movements. He had such a great time. It's all he talked about all week. Which is very good considering he wont even go to Sunday School without me. I hope this will play for y'all. Nope it wont play. Sorry.

This is Christopher. He has the biggest brown eyes. Just melts my heart.

This is my Wesley. He is my Sweet Boy. He's the one in the blue.

I didnt teach a class this year. I helped my aunt with the crafts. She had sooo many wonderful things for them to do. I think that everyone had a great time, just glad that it is over. There is sooo much work involved in getting things ready and the ladies that did the organizing did a great job.


shweetpotato said...

Awwww what a little sweetie pie :D Carm

Tammy said...

AAWWW, Thank You Carm... Dont let his innocent looks fool ya....LOL.. No, he's my sweetie.. He's growin' up soooo fast..