Friday, July 18, 2008

The Picture In my Title.

I thought I would share with y'all who the people are the picture that I am using in my title. I have lots and lots of old family photos of my Papa and his family. Just to let you know when I use Papa and Nannie I am talking about my Daddy's parents. I grew up with Nannie and Papa in my life and lived across the road from them all my life. Matter fact I still across the road from Nannie. Papa passed away just after I graduated high school. I sure do miss him.. I will share a few more photos with you if that's ok..

This is my Papa when he was in school. Aint he handsome?

This is my Nannie. This is her wedding picture. Aint she beautiful?

Anyway the picture. The people in the picture is my Papa and his mama and daddy all of his brothers and sisters. Of the eight I only knew three of them. Five had passed away before I was born. So on the back row, left to right is Aunt Elsie, Uncle Elvin, Uncle Grodan, Nannie Bell (my great grandmother), Wesley (my great grandfather). Kneeling from left to right: Aunt Vergie, Aunt Gladys, and Alfred (my Papa). And the ones that I had a chance to know of course was Alfred (my Papa), Aunt Gladys and Aunt Elsie.

This is Aunt Gladys. Im not sure how old she was in this picture. But I just love it.

When I started this blog, this is what it was gonna be about. My Papa and Nannie and how things were in the old days. But with the way my brain works I just decided to have it about family in general.

My Great Grandfather. Wesley. Papa's Daddy.

I miss Papa and Aunt Gladys the most. They were the ones that I was closest to. Aunt Gladys was so funny. She tried so hard to fill my head with family things. You know things like who was who, and who they married and who their children were. But me being in my teen years, I really didnt care much about that. Now that I am older I wish I had listened to her more. My Daddy knows alot, so I can get some stories from him. But I only wish I listened to her more.

Grandma, Nannie Bell my Great Grandmother. Papa's Mama.

So that's just a little bit about my family. I will try to share more as time goes on.


Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing! I love old photos and it's wonderful hearing about family history. A lot of people today don't have a clue about their ancestors and I think it's sad.

Have a great weekend, Tammy :) (I didn't mix you up with Lisa!!!!)

Tammy said...
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Tammy said...

I love old photos too. I am glad you like reading about my family. I wondered if anyone would find it interesting.

You are right most people dont know about their ancestors and to tell the truth, they dont care. It is sad..

I hope you have a good time at the reunion. Have a great rest of the weekend..