Friday, July 18, 2008

Day at the "Beauty Parlor"

LOL, I came home from work on Wednesday and my aunt was here. Josh and Wesley were nowhere to be found. I came in and was talking to Kay, asked where the boys were and she said "They are at the beauty parlor." I looked at her kinda funny. She said "Josh is giving Wesley a high and tight." Oh, my heart fell to the floor.

Josh has been in a mood of shaving his head. When it gets a little length on it, he will go out to the shop and cut funny things in his head. I dont know if its his way of saying mama I need a haircut or what.?

Wesley has wanted to shave his head like Josh's. I just cant bring myself to do that. His hair is so baby fine, and if I shave it, well I just dont think it will good.

So I said to my aunt as I was running to the bathroom. Josh better not be shaving his head. She assured me that he was not, he was giving Wesley a new hair style. Oh good. Pheww!!! I was sacred. So when Wesley came out the bathroom he had a new hairstyle. I think it was very cute and very becoming of him. LOL. It's funny what kids will do and try. They arent afraid to be different.. So what do y'all think of Wesley's new hairstyle..


Leslie said...

Oh, it's ADORABLE! Very cute!!!!

Tammy said...

LOL, Thank you Leslie. There is never a dull moment with him. They both keep me on my toes..