Monday, July 21, 2008

The Nohawk...

I told y'all about Josh and how he will cut his hair, just so I will finish it. Im so bad about cutting their hair. And Josh likes to shave his down to the skin, and even though clipper cuts will only take just a few minutes, I still have trouble gettin' myself in gear to get it cut. Anyway, yesterday we were here and Josh went out to the shop and did his own haircut. This is what he does when he needs a haircut. Just so I will cut it. Well this time I think I will let'em go a few days. It's kinda funny really, but sad at the same time that he has to do this to get me to cut his hair. Im bad I know. So here is the new look and name he cam up with. This is Josh with his "Nohawk".

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