Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun Time this Morning....

Wesley and I were here by ourselves this morning. Josh has gone to the lake with my brother, and wont be back until Sunday. So when Wesley got up we ate waffles for breakfast and just sat and chatted. I love to sit and listen to him talk. The things he will say. He just cracks me up sometimes. So after we ate our breakfast, I asked him if he wanted to go over to the playground for a little while before it got hot. Of course his answer was yes.

A few years ago our church bought the school building that is next door to us. They took the old playground equipment down that was there and raised money for a new setup. There is not much there to do, but Wesley loves to go.

It didnt take him long to do everything there was to do and then he was ready to come home. Which I was glad because it was starting to heat up nicely outside. I told him that while we were there, I went to school there when I was a little girl. I told him about how we use to slide down this huge sliding board, and played in the trees. I remember it just like it was yesterday.

I dont get to spend much time with just me and Wesley, so I thought I would take advantage of the time and do something fun with him. He loved it.. And in case you cant tell, his favorite thing there is the slide.. That's all he wants to do..

So Wesley and I had a good time this morning at the playground. What did you do today..??

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