Sunday, July 27, 2008

Look at this!!!

I dont think I have ever seen a moth this big. Wesley got all excited about it. He wanted to keep it as a pet. I dont think thats a good idea Wes, Im not even sure what a moth eats. LOL. But it was pretty sittin' on the side of the house. Where do they go, and how do they get that big.??? Got me.. Just thought I would share this little thought with y'all.


Leslie said...

Last summer we saw some huge moths on the side of the pavillion at camp. They were ugly, though. I think that one is kind of pretty with all the colors!

Aften wants to save everything for a pet, too! We're trying to explain to her that it's better off to look at it and let them go because we can't give them what they need to survive.

Last night we were talking about Aften's first ant! She put it in a bug zoo and named it (this is what makes us laugh!) Mix-mix-the Puddin'. I don't know WHERE that came from. We weren't eating pudding and weren't making it that day! LOL

Tammy said...

Leslie, Aften is so cute and funny. Kids, boy, they never stop amazing me with the things they say and the ideas they come up with.

Love the ant story that is just too cute.. Mix-mix-the puddin', was that its name? Who knows where they come from. At least she named it. Wesley has a "girlfriend" her name is Girl!! Imagine that..

I know whatcha mean about the little things making you laugh. Its never dull around here. Oh and it made me giggle too. Toooo cute..

shweetpotato said...

Eeeeek that moth is HUGE I dont like moths hehe, I can stand spiders and even snakes but moths NO hehe.. Im always afraid they will fly into my hair..stupid eh hehehe :D Carm

Tammy said...

I hear Carm. I hate all things that creep, crawl, buzz, sting. And whatever else I forgot. LOL. I was outside last night and this huge thing was flying around. I knew it was not a bat, so I figured it had to be either a big moth or a huge grasshopper thing.

I didnt stay out there long.