Friday, June 13, 2008

A Boy and His Turtle


Josh my 14 year old, had been trying his hand at Catfishing. We have a pond down behind the house. So baitin' up his hook and tying it to a drink bottle,(you know a 2 liter bottle) he throws it out in the pond hoping to catch a fish. Little did he know, turtles love that kinda bait too. This was his frist turtle catch. I know this thing had to weigh about 10 pounds.

I had no idea snappin turtles could get that big. Man is that thing uu--gly.



kmclaughlin said...

tell him to watch his toes and fingers around those turtles!
i used to be quite the tomboy. i would set several of those "lines" out of my blow up vinyl boat. i caught many catfish that way. and a couple snakes. eek!!

shweetpotato said...

Ohh poor turtle :( cute kiddos though hehe, I always wanted a boy. Hope he gets a fish next time, will you eat the turtle? I know people do not sure how you would cook one lol, Carm