Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Country Bumpkin

Josh is my oldest. He will start High School in the Fall. We have seen many phases with him too. However his "redneck" phase is the best, because to me he is being true to his roots. Josh is funloving. He loves to hunt and fish, ride 4-wheelers and get muddy. He is very witty and smart. He is very social for a boy, which is good I think because he can easily make friends with just about anybody.



kmclaughlin said...

what a cutie!! look at those pretty eyes!!!

he is gonna have girls flocking all over him one of these days.


Leslie said...

You are getting good at this blogging! :) I knew you would figure it out! It just seems intimidating at first but step by step it gets easier :)

I love getting to know you and your family. I think that's the best part about blogs, you really get to learn more about people! So it's really great to get to know more of our buddies from the board :)

My hubby and I like the stuff that your Josh does, too. I mean I like to get dressed up and be pretty and have fun but I also like the simple things like riding the four wheeler and walking around the woods...:) DH is off at a 3D Archery Shoot right's what he wanted and he asked for more arrows for Father's Day. So easy to please him :)

I'm looking forward to many more posts :)


Tammy said...

Thank you Kim. I hope the girls will stay away long enough for him to finish high shcool. I want him to do good and stay focused.

Tammy said...

Hey Leslie,
I keep learning things along the way. As I am sure most do. LOL. Bloggin did scare me at first, and it made me mad b/c nothing would work. Once I ran spybot though everything works like a charm.

I love reading your blog too. Your children are so cute. What will you do with both of them in school?

Josh is a "good ole boy" lol. He has shaved his head. All of his "good ole boys" down the road have shaved theirs too. He wants to do it with a razor, but I just cant see that.