Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day, and as I sit here thinking about my daddy I can't help but to think about my Papa too. Papa has been gone for quite a few years and I find myself thinking about him alot. I was Papa's gurl. He passed away before I graduated in 1991. I sure do miss him alot.

I remember times when I was growing up the things we would do. I would wake early in the mornings during the summer to hop on the tractor with'em and hit fields to plow, pull corn, and just spent the day farming. He loved to farm. He raised his own hogs and well just did what farmers do.

I remember selling strawberries, boy that was hard work. All the picking and keeping the field clean of weeds. My brother and I spent alot time with Nannie and Papa. I think about playing in the irrigation when nearby tobacco farmers would water their tobacco. We didnt mind the fishy smellin' water at all. LOL.

Sometimes I can even remember how he smelled. How he looked. The funny things he would say. I sure miss'em. So Papa, I know that you are in Heaven watching over me. So to my Daddy, my Papa and all the Daddys everywhere, Happy Father's Day. I love you Daddy and I love you too Papa.


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