Saturday, June 28, 2008

Goodies I got today

Well I think they are goodies anyway..LOL. I got up this morning and went to an Estate Sale. I found some goodies there. I wish I could have bought the house and all the land too. Its such a great little place. Its an old family house that has been remodled, lots of trees and little out building every where. I thought today I could just see my little Wesley running and playing out there. Anyway, I think for now we just stay where we are. Being this is family home and all. I love my home, no way could I move. Its nice to dream though. Anyway the best find I got today were two benches. One I left as is, and the other is a church pew (I have always wanted one), so I sanded and stained today. I will add the poly tomorrow, if its dry.

I also got a cuttin' board that I painted and added my own touches to. Along with a few other things. So all in all I think I did pretty good today..


Black Sheep Lisa said...

Looking good!

Tammy said...

Thank you Lisa, the bench is coming along. I cant wait to get the poly on it and get it on the porch... Im excited about that..

Elise said...

Love the church pew!! I want one. Came from My Country Home.

Tammy said...

Hey Elise,
Glad you stopped by. I love the church pew too. That was a good find and buy. I got it for a few bucks. Cant beat that.